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Hyperlocalization at scale and in real-time

360 brand-to-customer-engagement & loyalty program backed by lean AI models

Serving 6 Global time zones across 18 countries

We co-create stellar products with our clients

Innovation around customers’ hyperlocal insights & predictive experience

Partnering with clients across media, OTT and online gaming segments


CXsphere 2021 - Onwards & Upwards

CXsphere was founded by a group of industry experts and entrepreneurs in the Artificial Intelligence and Customer Experience space.

CXsphere launched its’ first version of the AI-driven customer engagement product in December 2019.


2019 May

CXsphere officially launched

2020 Feb

1st Pilot Customer

2020 Aug

Large Multi-year deal from a Global MNC

2020 Dec

CXS ends the year with 8 new customers across the world


May 2019

Awarded Rising STAR 2019: Top 50 Predictive Analytics, Top 100 Customer Experience Software ( – Independent Software Review Organization

1st Pilot Customer
Aug 2020

INSEAD Business school case study in progress

CXsphere ends the year with 8 new customers across the world
CXsphere officially launched

Top 10 Finalist in Govt of Ireland’s international entrepreneurship competition

Feb 2020
Large multi year deal from a large enterprise

Finalist in Startup Istanbul (top 1% out of 159000 startups)

Dec 2020

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Predictive Intelligence


Revenue earned/week for our clients


CXsphere draws inspiration for its business model from the new breed of customers – for whom privacy and brand value is equally important. While customer purchase behavior is important for brands, the privacy of customer’s identity cannot be sacrificed for the mere logic of business growth and customer targeting.

The AI core of CXsphere not only translates the raw data from the infinite customer’s footprints into actionable intelligence but also protects the privacy of customers.

Brands <> CXsphere <> customers

CXsphere empowers brand owners to engage with their customers without having to go through intermediaries like social media platforms or other aggregators of consumer data, as it aggregates the isolated data from such platforms to deliver a comprehensive view of customers and generates a predictive profile of the end customer.

For end-customers, CXsphere platform provides an opportunity to monetize their real-time behavioral information from social media and e-commerce sites, engage with brands in a more personalized manner, and choose their level of engagement. This creates a win-win outcome for both brand owners and their customers

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